Sunday 07 March 2021
Sunday 07 March 2021

SEV's Statement on the parliamentary elections' results, June, 18, 2012

19 June 2012

The day after the elections finds Greece in a countdown, with the productive economy suffocating, public finances in the red, unemployment skyrocketing and society divided.  We need to renegotiate our future, having exhausted the Greek citizens’ forbearance and our partners' limits.  Things are really getting tough.

The new coalition government indicated by the result of the elections shall be judged by its political and administrative capacity to tackle the accrued problems.  It will be judged on its ability to convince the people that the road to major reforms is the only way out of the crisis.  It will be judged by its effectiveness in striking a new national deal with Europe, which is also aware of the need for change.  It is the only way to definitively dispel the uncertainty linked to our European course.

It is of equal importance not to manage the result of the elections in a manner that will divide society - amongst those who are pro-bailout and those who are against; those who are pro-European and those who are not.   In the new political reality, the need to change - the state, the productive paradigm, social ethos - remains a real challenge for all the responsible political forces, irrespective of whether they belong to the political parties in power or of the opposition.

SEV is prepared to play a very active role in the effort for productive reconstruction, a European course and getting Greece back on track.  We will make ourselves heard; believing above all that a modern Greece cannot exist without modern enterprises.

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