Friday 16 April 2021
Friday 16 April 2021

Speech by SEV Chairman, Mr. Dimitris Daskalopoulos at the Business Week Forum, March 12, 2012, DEREE The American College of Greece

13 March 2012


"I wish to thank the College of  Deree and especially the organizers of the Business Week Annual Forum for their kind invitation and the opportunity to speak to you, the students of the College.

Initially, I was asked to respond to the question of whether the learning organization is a key to competitiveness –the learning organization being an organization that has a shared vision and creates synergies and knowledge. It was an apt choice, given our current national circumstances. Yet, I was hesitant. Perhaps I felt that in a sense it was too narrow of a subject –exactly because of our current state of affairs. So, when given the chance, I jumped at it. And the organizers were flexible enough to agree on the subject of competitiveness as a lasting challenge in the growth process. And it this subject that I will now tackle..."

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