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Sunday 28 February 2021

BUSINESSEUROPE launches European Election Message, March 11, 2014

12 March 2014

BUSINESSEUROPE publishes European Election Message
Sets out vision for globally competitive EU in 2019

BUSINESSEUROPE, the voice of business in Brussels,  published on March 11, 2014 its message to the next European Parliament in advance of the elections to be held in May. Its message ‘Picture a Global Europe’, sets out a vision of the EU in 2019 and calls upon MEPs to help make this vision a reality.
Commenting on its publication, BUSINESSEUROPE president Emma Marcegaglia said: “Europe is at a turning point. We have spent the last five years essentially in crisis management mode, looking inward and tackling internal EU problems. We must now look outward, ensuring that Europe becomes more competitive on the global stage, in order to create the prosperity that both business and citizens aspire to. The European Parliament will play a crucial role in achieving this.”

BUSINESSEUROPE director general Markus J. Beyrer added: “Europe is slowly returning to growth, but progress is slow. Companies are driving recovery, but require a policy framework that encourages investment and expansion. With a sharper focus on competitiveness, the EU can achieve more substantial annual growth and renew its position as a global economic power.”

The BUSINESSEUROPE message refers to a number of key policy areas where Europe should improve its performance: energy, innovation, competitiveness, talent, internal and external trade, financial stability and entrepreneurship. It identifies areas where Europe has fallen behind its global competitors and has the potential to improve its performance with a renewed political effort.

  • Download here the brochure "Picture a Global Europe’.
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