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Tuesday 02 March 2021

Address by SEV Chairman Mr. Ulysses Kyriacopoulos, at the evening session of SEV Annual General Assembly, The Athens Concert Hall, Thursday 26th May, 2005

30 June 2005


Your Excellency the President of the Republic,

I am honoured to welcome you this evening at the Annual General Assembly of the Federation of Greek Industries (SEV), the leading institution of the Greek business community. I am particularly proud of the fact that, apart from to SEV member entrepreneurs, this meeting brings together representatives of the political leadership, the trade union organisations as well as representatives of the press. I thank you all for your presence.

The country is at a decisive moment; a moment, when we have to seek new terms and conditions that will enable Greek economy to bridge its gaps and find its way forward.

The new reality calls into question what we have so far considered as self-evident. It commands that we re-evaluate mentalities; measure up to our weaknesses; redefine our rights and obligations. It is to this need for profound changes that I will refer in my address this evening.

There is no doubt that the successful Olympic games organisation, declaring the year 2005 as a Competitiveness year and other correct choices made by all the governments in the last few years, could positively affect economic activity.

I would mention some typical examples: Cleaner and greener than ever before, Athens has been transformed into a European megalopolis with modern infrastructures and diverse activities for both residents and visitors. Large investments in infrastructures are a means for attracting foreign investments. And not only that: a new generation of experts has been created, having valuable skills and knowledge in the administration and management of compound projects. We Greeks have proved our will and ability to redefine the reputation of our country in the world scene, even if at a heavy economic cost.

We attain self-confidence when we see our dreams come true.

The end of the Olympic Games should be the starting point for our new national vision. The “spirit” of the Games should be our guide!
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