Sunday 16 May 2021
Sunday 16 May 2021

Athens Business Club “Doing Business in Greece” Speech by the Chairman of the Federation of Greek Industries, Mr. Ulysses Kyriacopoulos, Saroglio Megaro, August 17, 2004

02 September 2004

..."2004 is a very important year in many aspects for the world, Europe and Greece. The world economy is back on track and all continents are expected to grow faster this year. The European Union has been enlarged by 10 new members. The dream of a united, peaceful and prosperous Europe is slowly becoming a reality. For Greece, 2004 is a landmark as the Olympic Games have returned back to their birthplace. Greece's incredible achievements are a triumph for teamwork and camaraderie. There is much to learn from this experience, because it was the combination of the Greek spirit and the “continuous pushing of the envelope” of a powerful team, well-equipped with disciplined management that led to our triumph in the European football championship and the success of the Olympic Games.

Greece, armed with its modern infrastructure, the funds of the E.U., the new pro-business and free-market government, our skilled labor force, our deep knowledge of the region, our entrepreneurial spirit, and the publicity it has received, is bound to continue growing at rates substantially higher than the E.U. averages.  I invite you all to seek these opportunities and take advantage. We at the FGI we will stand on your side and are ready to introduce you to the best players in the market place"...

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