Sunday 18 April 2021
Sunday 18 April 2021

“Greece Innovates”x2: the 2nd Applied Research & Innovation Competition is launched by Eurobank EFG and SEV

25 April 2012

A competition becomes an institution when it is warmly received and accepted by the country's scientific, research and financial communities: SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and Eurobank EFG announce the launching of the second Pan-Hellenic competition, “Greece Innovates!”. This way they continue the groundbreaking initiative they launched two years ago in order to promote research, innovation, knowledge and their practitioners in Greece, as part of the effort to boost research and technology, a necessary prerequisite for improving productivity and competitiveness of Greece's economy and putting it back on track of persistently strong growth.

Having as its stated target to encourage research, innovation and extroversion as key pillars for improving the country's competitiveness, the competition rewards pioneering ideas, services and products and supporting –especially in today's situation– a different Greece: a Greece that invents, produces and breaks new ground. Using as a springboard the outstanding success of its first round, which was completed in 2011, the Applied Research & Innovation Competition builds a bridge between them, fulfilling a demand of our times...

Please download here the Press Release.

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