Sunday 16 May 2021
Sunday 16 May 2021

‘The Lisbon Strategy needs a new dynamism’ - A Common Declaration is signed by the Federation of Greek Industries-SEV and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium-FEB, 2/2/2005

09 February 2005

“The Lisbon Strategy needs a new dynamism. Therefore political commitment is necessary. The year 2005 is a moment of truth. In hard times, policymakers have to make courageous choices. “First things first” is the message. Economic growth and the competitiveness of European companies are for the benefit of the future of our children.”

The Federation of Greek Industries SEV and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium-FEB believe that the Lisbon strategy needs a new dynamism. In a common declaration signed in Brussels, on February 2nd,    the representatives of the two bodies, Dr.  Athanase Lavidas, Vice-Chairman of   the Federation of Greek Industries-International Relations (SEV International) and Mr. Luc Vansteenkiste Chairman of the FEB, affirm that the midterm review of the Lisbon strategy must incite Belgium and Greece to lose no more time concerning this strategy and put their promises in concrete actions.

The common declaration can be downloaded here.

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